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October 5th 2002

Wormhole is the 1st episode of Black Hole High it aired October 5th 2002.


Josie Trent arrives at Blake Holsey High shortly after the school's science teacher, Professor Middleton, mysterious disappears apparently as a result of a wormhole. When she and Corrine are also sucked into the wormhole, and find themselves in Pearadyne Labs on October 4, 1987, the day of a major accident.


The episode begins on a stormy night, Lucas Randall is running through the halls of his dormitory to hand in his homework before midnight, he gets to his science teacher Professor Middleton and manages to hand in his homework, but not before noticing Middleton's strange mannerisms, he stays to see what is happening until he is caught by the principle Amanda Durst who forces him to return to his room, as he is walking away there is a bright pink flash of light and Durst walks in to find the room empty, with her saying in shock "not another one".


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Professor Z: Are you here for Science Club?

Josie: Science Club? You're joking, right?

Professor Z: No. We always have an opening for an interested student, Miss...

Josie: Trent, Josie Trent and I'm not interested.

Professor Z: Oh, well that's too bad because we were just discussing the possible molecular deconstruction of a Science Professor.

Josie: Then I better go, wouldn't want to keep you from that...

Professor Z: 'Fraid you might learn something? (pause)

Josie: Molecular deconstruction? Cells are made up of molecules; molecules are made up of atoms; once you start dealing with atoms, quantum mechanics kicks in, and all the rules go out the window. Ergo, You can take an atom apart to the subatomic level, and put it back together again. In theory, you can molecularly deconstruct anything: plants, chewing gum, even something less complex. Like a science teacher.

Professor Z: Ouch.

Josie: My guess: your professor was sucked into a vortex. Later.


  • What happened to Professor Middleton is much further explored in the episode Tesseract


Black Hole High Episode 01- Wormhole

Black Hole High Episode 01- Wormhole